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At iPAT, we have established close links with recruitment agencies from a variety of industries. Our recruitment and sourcing methodology sets us apart from others. We act as a bridge between employers and candidates, fulfilling organizations’ permanent and temporary shifting requirements with skilled professionals. Our methodology ensures that both employers and candidates achieve success, as we carefully match candidates with job profiles that match their skills and experience.

We are committed to providing top-quality services to our clients and candidates. Our close associations with recruitment agencies from different industries enable us to offer a wide range of job opportunities to our candidates. At iPAT, we take pride in helping our candidates achieve their career goals while also meeting the staffing requirements of our clients.

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Instructions for Job Seekers (EA, PA, PROs): Please provide your contact number for communication and updates and  upload your CV to showcase your qualifications and experience effectively.

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    Instructions for Bosses / Recruiters / HR:

    Complete the form with accurate details to facilitate the hiring process and please provide valid contact details for effective communication.