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Greetings Executive Assistants,

Hope you are doing well !No one, here, can undermine the importance of the people who work behind the scenes when leaders and top management, managers and heads of departments are at work. It is the far sightedness and quick responses of the assistants that save the day and the troubles caused by the constant decision making and tonnes of workload. Consider this letter as a shoutout for those who run the show from backstage and are the invisible force behind the smooth functioning of organisations, companies and businesses. We are iPAT. An exclusive institute for Personal Assistants Training. iPAT gives a certification and is dedicated to placement of Executive Personal Assistants. It is a pleasure to bring together Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Assistants, Secretaries, PROs, OSDs and Liaisoning Officers under one cloud organisation. We, intend to bring together the community of people who are the ‘ Power behind the powerful and the driving force behind the decision making machinery. We, at iPAT, want to bring value and status to the ‘Executive Assistants’ community in India.We, intend to form a club for all PAs, EAs, Secretaries and the assistant community to meet every first and second Saturdays of every month. This is done with the aim to pool our energies, resources and experiences together in one place to become effective and more resourceful at our workplaces. Also, this will provide us a venue to channelise and pool our efforts to form an ecosystem made specifically for the Assistants across the country. This is a wonderful chance to come together and belong in a clan/ tribe to increase PR, brainstorm on debates and grow collectively. So, take part in the creation of the first ever ‘Executive Assistants Club’.


Chitrasen Gaikwad

Founder Director iPAT Institute

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