PA Onboarding

PA Onboarding Services

with required skill sets which inturn would lead to smooth handling of work from the word go It is presumed by bosses that anyone who can multitask can do a job of personal assistant but soon it is realised that work of a PA requires multilayered skill set and talent to actually be able to delver and handle work. This can be developed in individuals and these individuals can make their bosse’s lives much simpler. we give personal assistance to our candidates to fit in their line of work and specific job requirements asked from them.evaluate what skills are needed specially designed 

      We follow this process for PA onboarding

  •       Understand the floor requirement
  •       Evaluate what skills needed for PA
  •       Advertise through our specialized portal
  •       Specially design recruitment form
  •       Shortlisting Best PA Applicants
  •       Personally taking their interview
  •       Sharing interview overview with our assessment report
  •       Set up one-to-one interviews
  •       Candidate Backround verification
  •       PA induction program
  •       Training if necessary

Post hiring evaluation*

Sometimes High value client don’t want to conduct the PA hiring process in their office because other people in office may influence in house recruitment process or share inside information to candidates to crack interview so we can do the perfect PA/EA hiring and onboarding.

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