Cancellation and Refund Policy for Company-Sponsored and Self-Financed Candidates at iPAT Institute’s Razorpay Account:

  1. Company Sponsored Candidates: a) In the event of a cancellation initiated by the company sponsoring a candidate for a course at iPAT Institute, a formal written request for cancellation must be submitted by the sponsoring company. b) Refunds, if applicable, shall be processed based on the refund policy in force at the time of cancellation. The sponsoring company shall be duly informed of the applicable refund amount. c) Any administrative charges or processing fees incurred by iPAT Institute in connection with the candidate’s enrolment and subsequent cancellation may be deducted from the refundable amount. d) It is the responsibility of the sponsoring company to ensure that accurate and updated information is provided to iPAT Institute for the seamless processing of refunds.
  1. Self-Financed Candidates: a) Self-financed candidates seeking to cancel their enrolment in a course at iPAT Institute are required to submit a written cancellation request. b) Refund eligibility and the quantum of refund, if applicable, shall be governed by iPAT Institute’s prevailing refund policy. c) Administrative or processing fees associated with the initial enrolment or subsequent cancellation may be subtracted from the refundable amount, as per the terms outlined in the refund policy. d) iPAT Institute reserves the right to review and amend the refund policy periodically. Candidates are advised to review the latest refund policy before seeking cancellation. e) Refund processing timelines may vary and are subject to the internal procedures of iPAT Institute and external payment processors.
  1. General Terms: a) Refunds, if approved, shall be processed through the same mode of payment used during enrolment, to the extent feasible and to the same account through which the payment is initiated. b) In cases where the course has commenced or access to course materials has been granted, refunds may be adjusted to account for the value of services or resources already availed by the candidate. c) iPAT Institute reserves the right to withhold or delay refunds in cases where there are unresolved contractual obligations or instances of academic or behavioural misconduct on the part of the candidate. d) The candidate acknowledges that any disputes or discrepancies regarding refunds shall be addressed in accordance with iPAT Institute’s prevailing policies and any applicable laws. e) All refund-related communications and requests shall be directed to the designated contact points as provided by iPAT Institute.