Building an Executive Assistant career just got a little easier!

Training program that helps you upskilled with practical knowledge.

Practical and Perfect

Readymade Drafts

Unique & Elite

Dynamic & Relevant

Customised & Tailore

Diploma Certification:

Earn the title of certified EA and stand apart with this diploma course

Recruitment Assistance:

iPAT supports you in landing your dream job

10K Readymade Draft:

Save time and effort with our extensive library of readymade drafts."

EA Club Membership:

Join our pan India EA & PA community and connect with like-minded professionals, Sr. EAs, and PAs of all verticals

Practical Learning

" Learn by doing with our hands-on, practical approach. Our case studies and role-play sessions will help you become a practically perfect EA/PA.

Access to High-Powered Offices:

iPAT trains EAs for high-power offices. This course is the key to enter and work with high-value individuals

Available Languages :

Learn in English, Marathi or Hindi

EA Mentorship

Six-month mentorship provided post-course completion

About iPat

Welcome to iPAT Institute, the premier institute for executive and organizational training.


Our mission is to equip aspirants with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the high-pressure environments of corporate, political, and celebrity spaces. We offer our courses in English, Hindi, and Marathi to cater to a wider audience.

Our meticulously designed courses are tailored to the unique demands of these power centers, ensuring that our participants are equipped with the tools and skills they need to become Certified Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants & Public Relations Officers. 

Whether you’re looking to enhance your leadership skills, sharpen your communication abilities, or master the art of assistants’ boss, iPAT has the resources to help you reach your full potential.


At iPAT, we understand that the ultimate goal of any training program is employment. That’s why we’ve forged strategic alliances with leading recruitment agencies and industry experts, guaranteeing placement assistance for our students. Once you’re employed, we’re committed to helping you execute your duties with precision and efficiency. Our Ready-Made Draft Library is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their workflow and streamline their processes.

Join the ranks of successful iPAT alumni and take your career to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to executive, EA, PA & PRO training

Diary management 

Telephone etiquettes 


Time management 

Event planning 

Minutes of meeting

Letter drafting 

Report writing 

Body language 

Office etiquettes 

Business acumen 

Project management 

Computer skills 


Public Relations

Conflict management


Public relation

CEO’s of CFO’s office 

Chairman’s office

Office of Founders 

Business House’s 

University Chancellor’s office 

Political offices 

Government Back office 

Public Private Enterprises 

Trusts & NGO’s etc. 

Office of Founder’s 

Entertainment Houses 

Event Companies 

Health Care Sector 

Sports Industry 

Research Institutions 

Project Management Companies 

Telecommunication Sector

PA – Personal Assistant 

EA – Executive Assistant 

OSD – Officer on Special Duty 

PRO – Public Relation Officer 

LO – Liaison Officer 

Business House Administrator 

Political Assistant 

स्वीय  सहायक 

Vice Chancellor’s secretary 

Corporate Chief of Staff 

Office Secretary

Office Superintendent 

Government Coordinator 

PRO to government officers 

Office Managers 

Personal Managers 

Celebrity Assistant / Manager

Courses Offered

Opportunity to not only learn but also work with influential and powerful people in the corporate sector…


a. Public Relationship Officer

b. Officer on Special Duty

c. Liaison Officer

d. Officer on special duty (OSD)

Our Services

Students will have access to standard format of 10,000 draft. The collection of readymade drafts will equip the EA to function easily and quickly.

Hiring personal assistants for people who matter; holding important offices and portfolios is an integral and difficult task. We, at ipat, make it easy for employers to look for candidates trained to excel and deliver immediately.

We have close associations with exclusive independent agencies who really value our students who carry a powerful CV. .

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