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At iPAT, with shared knowledge and experience of experts from this industry, we aim at training and molding assistants to work at high power offices, to train individuals who give beyond executive support to their employers across various industries. This course helps equip the candidates to handle difficult situations and expectations as per their employers. This course also educates the candidates to do better strategic planning, learn organizational skills, communication skills, time saving techniques, presentation skills and to focus on multi-tasking to keep up with a demanding job profile.

Who will train the students of iPAT?

The students will be trained by renowned experts, consultants, mentors and speakers with over 15 to 25 years of experience in their industries. An esteemed panel of faculty and visiting lecturers has been put together to educate and train the candidates for this high pressure job profile. The faculty members would address each and every aspect of the job requirements and also equip candidates to deal with challenging work situations. The visiting faculties would share their experiences and prepare candidates for work related complications. These life lessons would be priceless to prepare candidates to meet everyday situations.

Course Syllabus (Course Content is Copyrighted and Trademark Registered Under no. 5309175)

3 Module

The Need for Personal Assistants

What Is Your Role

Types of Assistants

What's in a Name


How to get started in a PA Career

Shifting Careers

Transferable Skills

Assess Yourself

Effective Networking

Working with Recruiters

Placement Agencies

Jobs in your city

Preparing your Resume

Top Interview Questions


Dynamics of the Job

Partnering with your Employer

Job Descriptions

A Day in the Life

Interview Cheat Sheet

Characteristics Needed for Success





Mental Agility

Your Health

Speaking Well


Telephone Courtesy

Sense of Responsibility

Self Improvement

Etiquette Tips

World Class Dining



Working in Harmony

Communicating Effectively with Difficult People

Speaking with Confidence and Diplomacy

Dealing Effectively with Criticism and Manipulation

Preparing Yourself


Growing Professionally

Personal Computing

Public Relations Savvy

Event Planning

Travel Industry Knowledge

Security and Logistics

Household Management


Relationship Management

Our social Behaviour

Understand yourself before you try to understand others

What the boss-assistant relationship means to your health and well-being

Image, perception and first impressions

Managing your state of mind

The handshake

Professional image

The beginning of a business relationship

What is expected of each other: knowing the boundaries

Key attributes, skill and knowledge that bosses look for in an assistant

Working styles

Constant communication


Be proactive, anticipate needs, be prepared and exceed expectations

Be accountable: take pride in a high standard of work


Honesty and integrity


Office politics

How to manage your boss

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